Daniela Godoroja- Diarto (Dani)

Dani is a wife and mother and an expert in anaesthesia and intensive care with an international career. Known to her colleagues as Dr G., she is a rigorous and determined woman, committed to lifelong learning in her profession. She says, “Every day I feel that I still have something to say, to learn and, most of all, I want to pass on my experience.”

At the beginning of 2020, she decided it was time to emulate the phoenix, emerging from the flames renewed and reborn; in harmony with herself. As Dani explains it:

“As a woman, mood and self-esteem are like gems nurtured by our state of mind. For this, we need to balance our needs with those of our professional persona. If we gain recognition and satisfaction only in the professional arena, we cannot say that we are in harmony with ourselves. At that time, the new year of 2020, I decided to make myself a priority. It may seem a cliché or a lifestyle fashion statement but we need to take a 360 degree inventory of ourselves – body, soul, mind, career and professional life. For me, the change was natural and I hold the theory to be a self-evident truth in ensuring a healthy and successful life.”

Although Dani admits that success is a difficult term to quantify or define as this is always subjective, she believes that it is essential to have a scale of values to which we can relate. For Dani, success is:

“In general, vision work and study together with opportunity and courage. Self-fulfilment requires the same principles. For me, this needs work and courage.” 

Dani is committed to a healthy future. She will focus on education for a healthy life – from nutrition to physical activities including sport and relaxation – what we can call the essentials in creating balance. An important part of her plans is the idea of returning to the centuries-old true science of natural medicine. She wants to reap the benefits of what plants represent for our health, that is, thousands of years of protection from sickness and disease.

“Personally, I will never stop dreaming and hoping that anything is possible. I build continuously and I have confidence in the future. Now I am learning a new language, Indonesian. Actually it is two, with the local language of central Java, where my husband is from. Both languages are needed for my day-to-day life but also for the upcoming projects that we are working on. I am learning about a new culture, which we Europeans are not really familiar with but about which I can say it is full of pure faith in God and also reflects true human values, tradition, wisdom and an open heart. And here I will quote two Javanese poems. The first is romantic and speaks about how we are dependent on destiny and God:

„Asam di gunung, Garam di laut, Akan bertemu, Dalam belanga”

This translates as “Tamarind from the mountains and sea salt will meet in the cooking pot,” and shares the idea that we complete each other.

The second poem refers to the tenacity and perseverance with which you have to build something to reach the top.

„Sedikit-sedikit, lama-lama, menjadi bukit”

„Little by little, in time, it will become a hill.”

In her home life, Dani enjoys being with her19-year-old twin children, Ana Maria and Alexandru, who she describes as, “miracles that God has given me, whom I love enormously and who are also my friends.” She is extremely proud of them and she hopes she has instilled in them something of her faith and personality. 

She likes to sing discovering  traditional Javanese and Romanian songs too , she likes cooking and learn new recipes but also practices yoga and sports based on a well-defined program which responds to the demands of her job and the needs of both her soul and body. She explains, “ Like vehicles, we need to offer our bodies activity to keep them running smoothly but it is also important to know when to stop. Often, our bodies show us that it’s time to take a break. We need to listen to that message too.”