Wahyu Diarto (Yudi)

Through his journey, Yudi has discovered a passion for the true benefits that plants and herbal medicine bring to the health of mind, body and spirit.

Yudi’s father taught him an invaluable lesson: the true man behaves like a knight, taking responsibility for his decisions and never running from problems.  At the same time, the knight avoids conflict whenever possible.  The old Javanese saying – “Ajining diri ono ing lathi, ajining rogo soko Busono” – tells us that a person’s self-esteem comes from his tongue; the words he speaks, and the self-esteem of the body comes from how we clothe it.  Yudi’s father showed him that diligence and perseverance pave the road to success. 

Yudi was born in Solo, central Java and experienced an austere style of living.  His youth was filled with difficulties, battles, setbacks and suffering to the point of pain but lessons learned from his father and the distinctive Javanese character meant that a smile still played upon his lips.  This smile illustrated his optimism and positivity.  These tough life lessons, combined with fifteen years training in martial arts (Silat, Karate, Kung Fu) enabled him to overcome all of the challenges he faced and to follow a true path. 

His career started when he graduated from STM Murni Surakatra with a Diploma in Mechanics, after which he moved into the security industry in a management role.  A life-changing stroke at the age of 28 lead him on the path to knowledge and understanding of herbal medicine.

Two years of conventional medical treatment post-stroke resulted in no improvement in the mobility of his left foot.  Yudi was also dependent on amitriptyline to help him sleep each night.  Frustration with these failures prompted him to look for alternatives and so began his journey along new lifestyle path.  He changed his diet to include healthy herbal plants like habbatus sauda tea, pineapple, olive oil, garlic and apple vinegar.  He took up martial arts classes again even though it was a struggle with his impaired left leg.  He took daily walks, barefoot and with the support of a walking stick, to build his strength and toughen his soles.  Step by step the force of his left leg returned and, after a year of perseverance with this arduous programme, normality was restored.

His journey took him from Solo to Bali, where he first enjoyed his passion for cooking before training in a spa to learn from scratch how to help the body shed pain through remedial therapies.  His daily yoga practice trained his body to achieve balance with his mind and spirit.  In this state of equilibrium, he began to share his heart and his skills with others.  In 2019, he signed a contract to work in Romania and left his family and country far behind to start a new episode in his life.  Yudi’s learning from his journey is shown in these quotations:

“Start your dream small and try to make it happen. When you are happy in the process, then your big dream will come true.” 

“Little by little, in time it will become a hill that we climb using our experience and deepening our skills.”

“From zero to hero, from nothing to something, from the bottom to the top, here I come.”

“Higher education is not the way to achieve a better life, but the goal of education is to know how to live as a human being.  Find this goal and know the way to it”.

“A good, civilized person is definitely knowledgeable but a knowledgeable person is not necessarily a good, civilized person.”

Yudi’s given name, Wahyu,  means luck in the Indonesian language and  he loves to sing  Indonesian music but not this alone.  He also loves to play guitar, to cook with passion with his family, to speak about Javanese culture, to explain and teach about the true Muslim religion, and to relax watching YouTube with a smoke.